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Musings from an accidental marketer

I have finally taken the plunge to start blogging. This adds to the 152 million blogs on the internet. Hopefully, you will find something useful to take away. That said, my motivation to blog is driven primarily by selfish interests. First, is the motive to self-discipline myself and write on regular basis. Second, is to observe and note how content marketing works. My musings on this topic will primarily be on research topics that I like. These will be primarily in digital marketing, B2B and public policy. There will be occasional video blogs and opinions that are not directly related to my research interests. The goal of these posts will be to highlight things that we can learn from research in these areas and things that we still don't. The intent will not be to critique or find shortcomings in the paper. That is a job better left to reviewers.

Some of the blogs that I follow/like are Prof. Koen Pauwels blog titled Smarter Marketing gets Better Results and Prof. Niel Bendle's blog on Marketing Thought. I will add more links as I progress.

The first post I will do is to discuss a couple of papers by Garett Johnson on the impact of GDPR on market concentration, web traffic and e-commerce outcomes. This combines two areas that I am interested in #digitalmarketing and #publicpolicy, #regulations. Will post soon on these papers.

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